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Title Scenario Analysis: Exploring the Macroeconomic Impacts of Information and Communication Technologies on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Subtitle -
Author(s) Lorenz Erdmann, Lorenz M. Hilty, Prof. Dr.
Date of publication 12.10.2010
Title Evaluating the carbon-reducing impacts of ICT. An assessment methodology.
Subtitle -
Author(s) Joan Krajewski, Luis Neves, Philipp Jung
Date of publication 01.09.2010
Title Networking for Sustainability: The Network Offset Effect
Subtitle -
Author(s) AT&T
Date of publication 09.12.2009
Title SMART 2020: Enabling the low carbon economy in the information age
Subtitle -
Author(s) Molly Webb
Date of publication 12.02.2009
Title Gadgets and Gigawatts
Subtitle Policies for Energy Efficient Electronics
Author(s) International Energy Agency
Date of publication 01.01.2009
Title The Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Telecommuting in the U.S.
Subtitle -
Author(s) et. al., Kurt W. Roth
Date of publication 01.01.2008
Title Reducing Electricity Standby Power in Germany
Subtitle 3rd International Workshop on Standby Power
Author(s) Wolfgang Stinglwagner, Dr.
Date of publication 01.01.2001
Title Reducing the CO2 Emissions Caused by an International Conference
Subtitle -
Author(s) Lorenz Hilty, Roland Hischier
Date of publication 01.01.2001
Title Detaillierung des Stromverbrauchs privater Haushalte in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Subtitle 1997 - 2010
Author(s) Ulla Böde
Date of publication 01.01.2000
Title Key Technology Policies to Reduce CO2 Emissions in Japan
Subtitle An Indicative Survey for 2005 and 2010
Author(s) G.J.M. Phylipsen, Haruki Tsuchiya, Dr., J.M. van Wijk, Dr. Ad, Yuzuru Matsuoka, Prof.
Date of publication 01.01.2000
Title Consumer Electronics
Subtitle Standby defined!
Author(s) Appliance Efficiency
Date of publication 01.01.1999
Title EVEN improving Energy efficiency of VENding machines Ademe
Subtitle Rational Use of Energy in Equipment
Author(s) Project Round
Date of publication 01.01.1999
Title Beim Kopieren CO2 reduzieren
Subtitle IAE, ETH und ÖBU suchen ökoeffizienten Kopierer
Author(s) Bernard Aebischer
Date of publication 01.01.1997
Title Ventilation requirements in non-domestic buildings and energy efficiency
Subtitle -
Author(s) David Ducarme, Jan Demeester, Luk Vandaele, Peter Wouters
Date of publication 01.01.1997
Title Wie belastet ein Dienstleistungsunternehmen die Umwelt?
Subtitle -
Author(s) Frieder Wolfart
Date of publication 01.01.1996
Subtitle The Pentatial for Energy Conservation in the Netherlands up to the Year 2000
Author(s) E. Worrell, J.G. de Beer, K.Blok, R.F.A Cuelenaere
Date of publication 01.01.1992
Title Danish electricity conservation in practice
Subtitle -
Author(s) Anders Larsen, Mikael Togeby
Date of publication 01.01.1991
Title Demand controlled ventilation by room CO2 concentration: a comparison of simulated energy savings in an auditorium space
Subtitle -
Author(s) B.F. Warren, N.C. Harper
Date of publication 01.01.1991
Title Impact on Electric Utilities
Subtitle Electricity Beyond 2000
Author(s) R. Balzhiser
Date of publication 01.01.1991
Title Luftreinhaltung bei Kraftwerks- und Industriefeuerungen
Subtitle Rechtsvorschriften
Author(s) G. Güthner, M. Bade, M. Lange, N. Haug
Date of publication 01.01.1991
Title Rationelle Energieverwendung
Subtitle -
Author(s) R. Höltkemeier
Date of publication 01.01.1991
Title Saving 20 % in terms of energy by speeding up efficiency improvement
Subtitle The Dutch Memorandum on Energy Conservation
Author(s) CADDET Newsletter
Date of publication 01.01.1991
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