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Title Survey Finds Green Computing Gaining Ground
Subtitle A survey conducted by Ipsos-Mori for Greenpeace International finds international consumers are willing to pay more for PCs friendlier to the environment.
Author(s) Geoff Duncan
Date of publication 26.05.2006
Title Energy Efficiency
Subtitle Proactive Strategies for Risk Managers
Author(s) Paul Watson
Date of publication 01.01.1998
Title Summer cooling with night ventilation for office buildings in moderate climates
Subtitle -
Author(s) B.C. Web, M. Kolokotroni, S.D. Hayes
Date of publication 01.01.1998
Title One Watt after one Hour in one Year
Subtitle Energy Efficient office Equipment
Author(s) Olof Molinder
Date of publication 01.01.1994
Title A one year after one hour in one year
Subtitle -
Author(s) Olof Molinder
Date of publication 01.01.1993
Title The Greening of Computers
Subtitle Vendors and Consumers are finding that environmentally sound computing pays
Author(s) Andy Reinhardt, Malloy, Perratore, Redfern
Date of publication 01.01.1992
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