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Title Innovatives Kühlsystem für Computer der ETH
Subtitle Kürzestinterview mit B. Aebischer
Author(s) Christian Bachmann
Date of publication 06.05.2010
Title Warm Water Flowed Through Supercomputers to Cool Down Their Heat
Subtitle IBM experiments with a liquid cooling system that moves heat away from sensitive computer components without chillers, cutting energy costs in half
Author(s) Larry Greenemeier
Date of publication 15.04.2010
Title Energy Efficient Cooling
Subtitle IT Handbook
Author(s) Julius Neudorfer
Date of publication 01.01.2010
Title Energy Impact of Increased Server Inlet Temperature
Subtitle APC White Paper 138
Author(s) David Moss (Dell Inc.), John H. Bean, Jr. (APC)
Date of publication 01.01.2010
Title Energy-Efficiency through the Integration of Information and Communication Technology Management and Facilities Controls
Subtitle -
Author(s) et. al., Michael K. Patterson
Date of publication 23.07.2009
Title Supercomputer mit heissem Wasser gekühlt
Subtitle -
Author(s) ETH Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Date of publication 23.06.2009
Title Economizer Fundamentals: Smart Approaches to Energy-Efficient Free-Cooling for Data Centers
Subtitle -
Author(s) Experts in Business-Critical ContinuityTM
Date of publication 01.01.2009
Title Thermodynamics of information technology data centers
Subtitle -
Author(s) M. Iyengar, R. Schmidt
Date of publication 01.01.2009
Title Uncovering energyefficiency opportunities in data centers
Subtitle -
Author(s) et. al., H. F. Hamann
Date of publication 01.01.2009
Title Seven Strategies to Improve Data Center Cooling Efficiency
Subtitle -
Author(s) Rich Jones
Date of publication 21.10.2008
Title Deploying High-Density Zones in a Low-Density Data Center
Subtitle APC White Paper #134
Author(s) et. al., Neil Rasmussen (APC)
Date of publication 01.01.2008
Title Cooling Tomorrow's Datacenters
Subtitle -
Author(s) Kennet R. Baker
Date of publication 01.03.2004
Title Leisetreter
Subtitle Lüfterlose PCs von Hush und Deltatronic
Author(s) Georg Schnurer
Date of publication 01.03.2004
Title Wasser marsch!
Subtitle Acht Komplett-Sets für die leise PC-Wasserkühlung
Author(s) Christof Windeck
Date of publication 01.03.2004
Title Immer cool bleiben
Subtitle PCs richtig kühlen
Author(s) Christof Windeck
Date of publication 01.05.2003
Title Super efficient Refrigerator
Subtitle -
Author(s) Europäische Kommission
Date of publication 01.01.1994
Title Kühlung neuer Telekommunikationsanlagen
Subtitle -
Author(s) Dominique Singy, U. Herrmann
Date of publication 01.01.1991
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!!! This document is stored in the ETH Web archive and is no longer maintained !!!
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