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Title Environmental Engineering (EE); Environmental conditions and environmental tests for telecommunications equipment;
Subtitle Part 1-3: Classification of environmental conditions; Stationary use at weatherprotected locations
Author(s) ETSI European Standard (Telecommunications series)
Date of publication 06.11.2009
Title Development of an Energy-Savings Calculation Methodology for Residential Miscellaneous Electric Loads
Subtitle -
Author(s) M. Eastment, R. Hendron
Date of publication 01.08.2006
Title Leading the Way: Continued Opportunities for New State Appliance and Eqzuonebt Efficiency Standards
Subtitle -
Author(s) et. al., Steven Nadel
Date of publication 31.01.2005
Title ASHRAE Standard
Subtitle Method of Testing for Rating Computer and Data Processing Room Unitary Air-Conditioners
Author(s) et. al.
Date of publication 01.01.2001
Title Product-related environmental attributes
Subtitle -
Author(s) Europäische Kommission
Date of publication 01.06.1999
Title International Harmonisation of Energy Efficiency Standards
Subtitle Experts Meeting
Author(s) Europäische Kommission
Date of publication 01.01.1995
Title Electronic home Equipment - leaking elect ricity
Subtitle -
Author(s) Eje Sandberg
Date of publication 01.01.1993
Title Aktuelle Trends im Netzmanagement
Subtitle -
Author(s) B. Studer, K. Bauknecht
Date of publication 01.01.1991
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