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Title Energy Efficiency and the Smart Grid
Subtitle Integrating communications technologies into the electricity grid to improve performance and reduce energy use
Author(s) Alliance to Save Energy
Date of publication 01.05.2011
Title National Database of Household Appliances - Understanding Baseload and Standby Power Use
Subtitle -
Download ID18_Cogan_final.pdf (195.5 KB)
Author(s) David Cogan, Lisa French, Michael Camilleri, Nigel Isaacs
Date of publication 21.06.2006
Title Solar Servers Power US Web Sites
Subtitle A Virginia Web hosting company has turned to solar power to run its servers
Author(s) Mark Thornton
Date of publication 26.03.2001
Title Klotzen statt abspecken
Subtitle Direktive von Microsoft: Mehr Leistung, mehr Speicher, mehr Bandbreite
Author(s) Jens Stark
Date of publication 01.01.1998
!!! Dieses Dokument stammt aus dem ETH Web-Archiv und wird nicht mehr gepflegt !!!
!!! This document is stored in the ETH Web archive and is no longer maintained !!!
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